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Illegal graffiti is vandalism. Removing it is expensive —and it makes us feel unsafe in our own cities.


Let's free up that money for important stuff.


You can help by taking photos of illegal graffiti, both tags* and pieces* and uploading them to the GrattitiTagr-app.


We collect and process the data for use preventively, in cooperation with the authorities and private companies.


Doing this benefits you, your city and our country.


Download the app and get started in 2 minutes.

* A tag is the graffiti painter's name or initials, a piece is a larger picture, eg painted on an subway train or a wall.



Not with our good will!

With the GraffitiTagr app, you help create the world's first structured collection of data and knowledge about illegal graffiti in Denmark.



In fact, you are making history!


Your photos, together with the many other photos we gather, collectively form an overall picture of the illegal graffiti in Denmark.


Like when you do a jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece. Photo by photo.



Based on the information in your photos, and with the help of advanced technology, we can analyze the patterns and gain important knowledge.


Valuable knowledge that can be used by the authorities to prevent graffiti.


And free up the money spent on things that are important.


Some call it street art. Others call it a bit of fun.


Most call it vandalism.

We call it a waste of money. Lots of money!

Each year, United States spends around $ 20 billion fighting illegal graffiti and removing it from public buildings, trains, statues, murals, road signs, private homes…

That money could be better spent on the important things that benefit us all.

And the world would look prettier.

Did you know?

... graffiti is in 4th place of the things that make people feel unsafe?

... illegal graffiti is, for most people, both pointless and depressing?

Did you know?

... the United States spends $20 billion annually on removing graffiti?

... those who create illegal graffiti can be punished by up to 6 years in prison?


You always have your phone on you anyway, whether you are going for a walk, cycling to work, shopping, exercising your dog, taking the kids out in a stroller… So why not take a snap or two of the illegal graffiti you encounter on your way?


Your contributions are an important part of the knowledge we are collecting to solve the problem of illegal graffiti in our cities.

1 - 2 - 3, DONE
  1. Download GraffitiTagr from the AppStore.

  2. Register as a user.

  3. Upload your photos of illegal graffiti.



Repeat step 3


Repeat step 3


Repeat ...


Did you know?

... removing illegal graffiti costs a lot! Every year tens of billions are spent in the fight against graffiti.

... graffiti is contagious? The longer it is allowed to remain, the greater the risk that more will come.


We have gathered all the most common questions users ask us.

Nothing is secret and we do our best to be as transparent as possible.

Did you know?

... it costs up to $20,000 to remove graffiti from one train car?

... more than 300 subway trains in NYC are vandalized by illegal graffiti each year?

What does GraffitiTagr mean?

The graffiti initials you see everywhere are called "tags". But "tagging" is also English for putting a label onto something.


Hence, GraffitiTagr.

Why is graffiti a problem?

Each year, The United States spends around $ 20 billion fighting illegal graffiti and removing it from public buildings, trains, statues, murals, road signs, private homes…

That money could be better spent on the important things that benefit us all.

Who can use the app?

Everyone can, and everyone should. Adults, teenagers, children, grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Dog walkers, couriers, joggers and new moms taking their babies out in a stroller :-)

Are you monitoring my movements?

No. The photos you upload are a piece of a larger puzzle. Other users in the app can see what you uploaded but not that you uploaded. In the same way, you can see what others have uploaded but not who uploaded. The app doesn’t track you. Only when you upload a photo will it record your location.

This is how we use your observations

GraffitiTagr is not just an app. It is just the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface, using some heavy artillery in the form of big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced image recognition, every photo uploaded is analyzed. This artillery studies the patterns, trends, and contexts of the illegal graffiti. We process this information and use it preventively, in cooperation with the authorities and private companies.

What about GDPR?

Of course, we comply with the EU's GDPR data protection law. Read more in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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Please send us an email if you have any questions, about the app, about us, about graffiti, or anything else. We would really love to hear from you.

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